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Unit Material Handling System   Logistic Sortation and Warehousing System   Contracts Manufacturing  
  A-Plus started the material handling business with Unit Material Handling Equipment. The equipment is designed to transport and control of your material.....

  Logistic Sortation and Distribution System is designed to cater for high-volume product turn around business with precision....

  With extensive industrial experiences and manufacturing facilities, we enhance our client’s competency by having their product successfully manufactured in Malaysia....


What We Do:

One-stop material handling solution from conceptual design, manufacture, system integration to maintenance service.

Our strength lies in it’s in-house engineering and manufacturing capability. We design and recommend best-fit material handling solution to accelerate our client’s production process and throughput. Our innovative solution comes with ergonomic equipment design and high degree of safety features. After the designing stage, we ensure it is precisely manufactured by using advanced CNC machineries like turret punch, laser cutting, CMM, robotic welding etc, followed by powder coating or wet paint finishing. After being assembled, PLC/control system would be installed and fully tested.


A-Plus Automation (S) Pte. Ltd. traced its beginning in the 1979 with the trading of motors, sensors and components for the automation industries in Singapore. At a time of the rapid growth of factory automation and high demand for the mechanization services, its business expanded to Malaysia and the rest of South East Asia region. Capitalize on the potential growth of the factory automation industry, A-Plus venture into the design, manufacturing and installation of automated materials handling system providing a total system solution to the manufacturing and logistics industry in materials management.

A-Plus has been in the forefront of innovation and technical excellence in the design and execution of materials handling systems engineering throughout Singapore & the rest of South East Asia. From a humble start of no more than 30 staff and a small plant of 500 sq. meters to today of 80,000 sq. meters of production space in Malaysia. Building on this foundation of our strong engineering know how, A-Plus ability to understand the requirement and design the materials handling equipment to meet our customer needs in the production plant. 

Combining the activities of our previous industrial trading, systems and manufacturing of equipment divisions, the company is able to develop and implement materials handling systems from the simple equipment of the standard conveyor to the commissioning of fully automated material handling and sortation system, automated storage and Airport handling systems.

This same services offered today by all of our associate companies throughout the ASEAN region namely: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China and India

A-Plus associates in each country include marketing, sales, systems design, detailed engineering, and local manufacturing resources, project management, installation and the very important after-sales service support.


Vertical Integrated Manufacturing

State-of-Art  Manufacturing Facilities
With state-of-art manufacturing facilities in Johor of Malaysia, we strive for product and service excellences via our extensive customer service network and fully-integrated in-house manufacturing facilities.